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When we are young skin cells replace themselves at a much quicker rate which gives us that youthful lustre. As we get older the dead cells remain in place longer leaving our skin with that tired and lifeless look. Vitamin A is now at the heart of the Environ Skincare philosophy. Dr Des Fernandes, of Environ, one of the world’s top five Aesthetic Surgeons discovered that by using Vitamin A in large doses he was able to counteract the harmful effects of pollution and stress on the skin.




Environ’s pioneering Dual Electro-Sonic Technology sets the benchmark for Professional Skincare Treatments. Low frequency Sonophoresis together with pulsed Iontophoresis in combination with Environ’s Professional Skincare
formulations, helps deliver more of what skin needs, where it needs it most - making a real lasting difference, for life.

Treatments scientifically designed for your concerns


An advanced youth enhancing facial to combat the visible signs of fine lines, sun damage and dull looking skin 

Help soften the appearance of fine lines, sun-damage & sagging skin with this peptide and vitamin-packed treatment for a more youthful appearance.


Revitalise the appearance of dry, dull skin with intense hydration 

Help reduce the appearance of fine lines caused by dehydration and promote a more moisturised glow with this intensive treatment featuring hyaluronic acid as the key ingredient.


Sooth and comfort the signs of sensitive skin for a healthy looking glowTarget the root cause of pigmentation for radiant, flawless looking skin

Help target the signs of sun-damage and pigmentation with this treatment which boosts the skin with the correct combination of ingredients for a even-toned, radiant-looking appearance.

Price List

Environ Cool Peel® Treatments

Price List

Cool Peel

60 mins €85

Environ’s unique Cool Peel Technology is a non-invasive, intelligent skin renewal system developed by Dr Des Fernandes, to help safely and effectively refine, revive, and brighten skin. Experience a real, lasting difference to skin through beautiful science.


On the day of your treatment, your therapist will select a Cool Peel between Youth Renew, Moisture Boost, Bright Recovery or Blemish Control.


Vibrant-C Micro Peel

45 mins €70

An excellent choice for sun-damaged, pigmented and mature skins.

A concentrated vitamin C infused peel, that is freshly mixed before application to ensure optimal freshness and efficiency. Proven to deliver a healthy complexion with an even skin tone and texture, because vitamin C is essential for the skin to function at its best.




Environ’s revolutionary dual electro-sonic DF technology can target specific areas to ensure your primary skin care concerns are directly addressed. As required.


Focus on Skin Texture or Tone

30 mins €50

Improve the appearance of mild scarring, revealing smoother, evenly textured skin or lighten the appearance of pigmented marks resulting in a more even-toned, brighter complexion.


Focus-on Eye

30 mins €50

Eyes are completely refreshed and hydrated with a more youthful appearance due to a combination of our powerful peptide complexes with Hyaluronic Acid.


Focus-On Frown

45 mins €60

Reduce the appearance of expression and frown lines around the eyes and forehead with an iconic peptide blend, resulting in a more youthful appearance.