Love The Skin You’re In!

Love The Skin You’re In!

Ever feel your skin could be a bit better, do with a bit of TLC? Well, did you know your skin care regimen should change every time you hit a milestone birthday? Your skin has different needs in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond – and if you want the best shot at looking great for your age, you’ve got to know how to tweak your routine as you get older.

The search for youthful skin is never ending for men and women alike and whether you LOVE the idea or LOATHE it, getting older is a fact of life. Just as your body can’t handle the late-night food binges or lack of sleep anymore, your skin care regimen also needs to be tweaked with each milestone birthday.

At this age, your skin isn’t lacking moisture so you may not need any additional creams beyond your cleanse-tone-moisturise routine. But your hormones may be unbalanced so if oil and breakouts are a concern make sure you get advice from a professional skin therapist. Consultations only take a few minutes and it’s free. You’ll also get the opportunity to try some samples before you buy the products.

IN YOUR 30’s
Once you hit the big 3-0 your biggest issue is fine lines, a result of your skin getting a little dry. Add in an eye cream. The eye area has the thinnest layer of skin on your entire body. Start exfoliating regularly because skin only exfoliates naturally every 35 days as opposed to every 14 in your 20s. Add an antioxidant product. This will act in synergy with sun block to help guard against photo damage.



The laugh lines around your eyes and mouth are still there even when you’re not laughing! Your cells’ turnover continues to slow down, your collagen gets weaker and your estrogen level is dropping, resulting in dryer skin. Add a serum to your routine; unlike moisturisers, they have a finer molecular structure and are designed to deliver an active ingredient into the skin by penetrating deep into the dermal layers. You may also need to take your moisturiser and eye cream up a notch.

Get some ‘age-appropriate’ anti-aging advice from the professionals at Midas Touch by booking a skin consultation today. Age later and love the skin you’re in!

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