MATIS was founded in 1936 in Paris by the creation of a formulation laboratory by Doctor Mavromati, a chemist in cosmetology. Today, MATIS is recognised worldwide as a beauty expert, with a particularly innovative “MADE IN FRANCE” know-how. For over 78 years, MATIS have followed their passion. It is based on the 6 historic values of the brand:

    MATIS is a pioneer in professional beauty treatments. Its products, methods and unique techniques of treatments have made the brand a true reference in the professional world of beauty salons. MATIS belong to the very selective “Club” of Brands exclusively dedicated to a world unlike any other in which beauty therapists maintain a true relationship of expertise and provide tailor-made treatments to their clients.
    With its visionary spirit, bold formulas and advanced laboratory, MATIS has become THE brand for cutting-edge scientific and technical high quality treatments with an 8000m2 production site in the Paris region. This location also includes their Research & Development Department and a high performance logistics unit shipping their products to 69 countries on permanent basis. Their ISO 22716 certification confirms their strong QUALITY commitment.
    MATIS draws inspiration from the latest scientific advances in medicine, molecular biology, cell biology, skin biology, and biometrology in order to create unique, bespoke treatments. The forward nature of their R&D Department is an essential component of the MATIS DNA. They have developed more than 180 active formulas resulting from the best scientific research.
    Always listening to its consumers, MATIS creates formulas for all skin types. They respond to each skin type and need. Unique and efficient responses elaborated to extend and support the treatment efficiency at home. MATIS has large and complete ranges offering to the consumer the brand’s expertise at home.

    • 12 lines of products for face
    • 2 lines of products for body, one dedicated to SPA
    • 2 signature products:
    • Cell Expert TM and MATISkin TM_3.0.
    • We gather 3 beauty expertise domains
    MATIS’s R&D Department plays a major role in product innovation. The brand’s scientific and technical dimension is reflected in the expertise of its professional treatments. Each protocol, technique and innovation have been tested at length and their efficiency measured. At MATIS, they are always seeking results, which is the essential prerequisite for their consumers satisfaction and loyalty.In the menu: 13 professional facials and 4 MATISpa body treatments
    From New York to Hong-Kong by way of Tokyo and Moscow, over 3 out of 4 of the Brand’s clients are international, making MATIS one of the key Brands on the global cosmetics market. This is the reason why they are committed to creating product lines completely adjusted to international markets’ expectations. MATIS is present in 69 countries worldwide with over 7000 points of sale.