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ANTEAGE MD® Home Hair System


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AnteAGE MD® Home Hair System

AnteAGE MD® Home Hair Kit is a breakthrough in natural, healthy hair growth. Say goodbye to invasive procedures with our at-home treatment that will awaken your hair follicles with the nutrients they need to promote fast-growing locks. Reach new levels of confidence today!

AnteAGE MD Home Hair Kit is the ultimate formula for natural hair regrowth. We use a proprietary blend of natural, potent ingredients including WNT1 Growth Factors, CyTOKINES, and powerful Polybotanicals, with proven cellular regeneration properties.  When applied regularly, these pure isoflavones will create an optimal environment for growth cycles.

This product can be used as needed to achieve fuller, thicker hair quickly without all that nasty sulfates or harmful chemicals—simply combine the products in this kit together in your own home according to our instructions for best results.

This kit can be used post-procedure on hair transplants to initiate the healing response.

WNT1 BMSC Conditioned Media | Physiologically balanced bio-signals released upon the culture of Bone Marrow stem cells. Wnt signaling is regulated during hair follicle replication and regeneration, telogen-anagen reentry and follicular environmental modulation. Fine-tuning this signaling allows better communication to the target site (follicle) for desired hair growth.

Quercitin | Botanical flavonoid and antioxidant, with strong anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show it inhibits PGD2 levels in the scalp, a prostaglandin that is 3x higher in the scalp of men with thinning hair and reduced inflammation levels.

Cucurbitacin B | Active constituent found in bitter melon and squash. Terpene derivative was shown to interfere with the production of a metabolic by-product of testosterone known as DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Elevated levels of DHT contribute to follicular miniaturization. This isolated terpene has been shown to directly inhibit the Jak-STAT cell signaling pathway. Research has shown that pharmacological inhibition of this intracellular pathway promotes rapid hair regrowth by triggering follicular anagen entry; with a synergistic activation of the master Wnt pathway.

What’s Included:

  • Hair Growth Serum 30 ml / 1 oz
  • Micro-channeling 0.25mm Stamp (re-usable)
  • Thickening Brush to stimulate blood flow to the scalp
  • Sanitizer Vial to use on the dermal stamp