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Environ Concentrated Retinol Serum 3


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Retinol 3 Serum is the third of three serums that help in the improvement of skin tone, texture and the prevention of pre-mature aging, When used correctly they can give the skin a firm and smooth looking appearance improving it’s overall health and radiance.

How to use:

Pre-cleanse, cleanse and tone the skin with your Environ products, to begin with use 1-2 drops of Retinol 3 in with your Environ moisturier at night time
Gradually increase the amount of Retinol drops until your skin feels comfortable to absorb the Retinol Serum on it’s own
When comfortable to do so you can apply the Retinol Serum firstly onto clean skin before finishing off with your Environ moisturiser

Professional Tip:

Use at least two bottles of each Retinol serum before progressing onto the next level
If you experience a dryness, sensitivity or rash when introducing Retinol Serum 3 into your routine ‘read’ your skin and adopt a day or two break in between applications.

There is a short shelf life on this product due to the active ingredients it contains.
We would advise to purchase this item as needed.