Hand & Foot Care

Bio Sculpture Gel Overlay
Fingers 50 mins €50
Toes 50 mins €50
Strengthen and reinforce soft or weak natural nails allowing them to grow. BIO SCULPTURE is thin / natural / strong & flexible. No bonds / primers / odours / fumes making it a healthier nail care system and the only gel with a 5 Star International safety rating. Bio Sculpture can be soaked off.
Add a Soak-off + 15 mins + €10.
2-Week Gel Polish
Fingers 40 mins €35
Toes 40 mins €35
EVO™ – a gel polish developed by Bio Sculpture – EVO™ combines the quality
health and durability synonymous with Bio Sculpture with a fast-lane approach.
Add a Soak-off + 15 mins + €10.
Soak-off and Recovery Treatment
20 mins €20
Professional removal of your Gel polish for the healthiest nail possible. Spa Manicure
50 mins €45
Luxurious hand and nail treatment. Nail soak + exfoliation + hydrating mask + massage + hot mittens. Cuticle work and a file + shape + polish. The Essentials Manicure
30 mins €30
Cuticle work and a file + shape + polish. File & Polish Fingers or Toes*
20 mins €20
A file + shape + polish on dry cuticles. Spa Pedicure*
40 mins €40 (Mens/No polish)
60 mins €60
Luxurious foot and nail treatment. Foot Soak + foot scrub + hydrating mask + massage + cuticle work + file shape and polish. The Essentials Pedicure*
40 mins €40
Foot soak + foot scrub + cuticle work + file shape & polish. NOTE AN ASTERIX DENOTES THAT FLIP FLOPS ARE REQUIRED

When it comes to natural nails, we offer our clients the JESSICA brand because it is considered a world leader, with a range of Jessica nail products to achieve and maintain naturally beautiful nails.

We are firm believers in the JESSICA philosophy that gorgeous colour starts with the right foundation. Nails have their own biology, just like hair and skin. For the best care and the most beautiful outcome, nails require a studied approach that is similar to how a facialist cares for the skin.

Nail types can be best described as Dry, Brittle, Damaged, or Normal, and they may be peeling or breaking. For every nail type and every problem, there is a solution for the best care and most beautiful outcome.

Love the nails you were born to have. From nail file to top coat, and everything in between, at Midas Touch all of your manicure essentials are in the palm of your hand.